André Born in 1969, I have been building models since my teen years. My dad was a truck driver so trucks are a big part of my life. In my early twenties the model hobby came to a halt and it was not until my late twenties that I picked it up again. By then most truck kits were hard to come by and that started my drive to collect them. Now, in my fourties, this hobby is a way of life with not only all the fun I have  building my trucks but also with all the great new friends I have found because of it.
Arjan Like André I was born in 1969. I work as a ground engineer at a Dutch airline. Like most I started building Matchbox and Airfix aircraft followed soon by my first car model (MPC Dodge Warlock). At the age of 10 I bought my first truck kit: the Ertl Mack 'Rubber Duck'. I kept building trucks for another 5 years and changed to 1/48 aircraft. Around 1998 I met André and shortly after that Ed and Hessel. This really launched my interest in truck models and over time I've collected a large amount. This would never have happened without these fine friends.
Ed (text will follow soon)
Hessel I'm from 1966 and I'm a Teacher at a College in the north of The Netherlands. I started building model trucks when I was thirteen and have build any truck make I could find. Today I only build US or Australian and New Zealand model trucks. Collecting the kits ,only in 1:24/25 scale, is also a part of my hobby. Nowadays, in this computer age, cnc designing and cutting of models is keeping me busy. One day I hope to be able to have my own cnc machine to produce unique truck models.  
Stephan: I'm the father of the benjamin of the group and born in the year 1976, the year that the drawings and design of the Volvo F10 / F12 were completed. In everyday life I'm a salesmanger at a company that sells booth constructions for fairs and exhibitions. I've started scale modelling about seven years ago. For me it's the perfect way to combine a busy job with relaxation.

Jenson Hi I'm Jenson, the new benjamin. I love trucks, most of all Scania. I hope to become a truck driver and would love to drive for Eddy Stobart. I've just started this modeltruck hobby and within a few years I would like to bring my own models to the shows. With the help of my dad, granddad and my friends this should be possible.