DMTC Model Kits and Parts for Sale:

The future of truck models is taking large steps. CNC cutting en 3D printing techniques make it possible to develop modeltruck kits and parts without the knowledge of resin casting. A positive benefit is the much lower weight of cnc cut and 3D printed parts. Below you will find our first offerings, we will have much more on offer in the future.

A basic 20ft containertrailer chassis cnc cut out of 1mm styreen.

Various 3D printed tires and rims (A near future internet option, at shows allready available)

Various decals of transport firms and detailing sets (A near future option)

Italeri, Revell, AMT, Ertl, etc. Truck Model Kits for Sale. (not at the moment)

A generic 1970's Euro Bulk Powder Tanker trailer (Production has started, now taking new orders for 2015)